Coyotes Prepare for their 2022 Season Debut


Photo Courtesy Flickr

Arizona hockey fans have mixed opinions on the new Coyotes home arena, located on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus. Their temporary stadium will seat 5,000 people and be their new home for at least the next three seasons. The Coyotes played in their new arena on October 28 after being on the road for a six-game tour that marked the start of the new season!
The Coyotes spent 18 years at their Glendale arena, and the change in location shocked many fans. It’s no secret that the Coyotes have brought in millions of dollars of revenue to both the team and Talking Stick Arena, which begs the question- why did the City of Glendale terminate their contract? Lackluster attendance and a tax dispute plagued the Coyotes, straining the partnership between the hockey team and arena. Along with the unpaid rink charges, these events set in motion the agreement to not renew the team’s contract. At first, when the word got out that the Coyotes would move to a significantly smaller arena on a college campus, fans criticized this decision. However, the NHL has reassured fans, claiming that it will benefit the team and franchise both now and in the future.
The Coyotes team owner, Alex Meruelo, plans to build a $2.1 billion stadium located in Tempe. He claims that more fans live in the Tempe area, so this arena will encourage families to come see the stadium once it is completed. He went on to say that it will connect the players with their significant others and loved ones. Due to the venue’s smaller size, Meruelo says that it will be more meaningful and “intimate” for the fans and players alike.While they eagerly wait for their new arena, the Coyotes have signed a contract to play in Tempe for the next 3 seasons.
Although this new arena was a surprise for many Coyote people across the state, the NHL states that fans have expressed their excitement and anticipation for the start of the hockey season!