What Should You Be For Halloween?


Photo courtesy of Mark Williams, from Moment Magazine

Angela Carlton, Entertainment Editor

With Halloween coming just around the corner, anyone interested in dressing up for the spooky night ought to decide what they want to be, soon. However, what if you want to dress up for Halloween but you have no idea what to be? Well, lucky for you, the Entertainment Editor of your school newspaper is here to give you some inspiration!

Some of the most common and obvious choices for Halloween costumes include werewolves, vampires, zombies, witches, westernized demons and angels, clowns, and royalty. Now while these are pretty common, anyone with a little skill in costume-making and/or makeup can easily spice up these popular options and make them a little more personal. Or if you’re really daring, perhaps you can go out as a biblically accurate angel rather than a cutesy westernized angel. Maybe even announce “Be Not Afraid” at every door you stop by (or any Trick-or-treaters who just so happen to stop by your door).

Another interesting idea would be combining two popular choices to create a more unique costume, such as a zombified angel. With this idea comes the concept of creating your own characters and dressing up as them. While dressing up as your own character isn’t an uncommon idea as a whole, it does provide opportunities for more creativity and in turn, allows you to be more unique when it comes to your costumes.

Or instead of creating your own character, you could always dress up as an already existing character. Superhero costumes are a very obvious choice for this kind of thing, though you’re not limited to those. There are many popular shows and games with characters you can dress up as, such as Scooby-Doo, Star Wars, Genshin Impact, various animes, and so on. Since the sequel for the beloved 1993 classic Disney film Hocus Pocus is coming out pretty soon, perhaps you could grab a couple friends and all go out as the Sanderson Sisters together. You don’t necessarily need to be all ladies either.

Speaking of three friends dressing up as the Sanderson Sisters, trick-or-treating with friends can be fun and even hilarious if you’ve got a theme in mind! You could absolutely all dress up as various different characters from the same piece of media, or all dress up as the same thing. To watch an entire hoard of Minions, Crewmates, or those inflatable dinosaurs scramble across the street would be quite a hilarious and also entertaining sight to witness. There are so many options when it comes to Halloween costumes. This article hardly even scratch the surface! But if this article didn’t help you figure out what to go out as for Halloween, Google Images is a good place to find some more ideas!