Minecraft Mod Review: Origins


Angela Carlton, Entertainment Editor

Anyone familiar with Minecraft likely already knows about the massive modding community. The majority are only available for Java since Java is the one available on PC. Some Minecraft mods are simple and pleasant, adding to the immersion. Others can be expansive and game-breaking. One of these mods, Origins, has become popular in the community. As of now, the mod has scored over 3.4 million downloads.

Origins is a mod that gives the player several races/origins that they can choose from when they start a new world. Each Origin comes with various strengths and weaknesses based on a given theme. Some of these Origins will be more difficult to play than others. The Origins mod is wonderful for spicing up a typical playthrough, be it alone or with other players.

A massive part of the Origins community is the creation of add-ons and data packs created by others. Within these add-ons, people have created several unique and even insane Origins. Some irrelevant mods will even have compatibility.

There are several races in Origins itself, and many more that one can add and create. Which has led many players to set up their SMP (Survival Multiplayer) servers based on Origins. Even a bunch of Minecraft YouTubers known to be in the Dream SMP have set up their Origin SMP. Players in an SMP will create characters based on the Origin they choose. With these characters, the players often roleplay with each other. Building up extensive lore surrounding them and the world they exist in.

Origins is an incredible mod with an interesting way to improve a player’s gameplay. It has a massive community on its own that will only continue to grow as time goes on. Any Java player should check it out when they get into playing around with mods.