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Meet the 2023-2024 Girls Soccer team!

Player Highlights from JV B:

CHS JV B Soccer player Karely Camacho, photographed by Kiley Jacobson

Karely Camacho: Karely has been playing soccer for a total of four years. Her favorite position to play is left center back. Being on the Chandler High Soccer Team is a lot of fun and Karely’s favorite part is having practices with her friends. Her favorite part of practices are just getting the opportunity to play soccer and learn new skills. Karely loves being a part of this team and hopes to continue playing. A fun fact about Karely is that she loves to draw and is in theater.

CHS JV B Soccer player Michelle Islas, photographed by Kiley Jacobson

Michelle Islas: Michelle has been playing soccer for three years and thoroughly enjoys it. Michelle can play many positions but her favorite is playing defense. Her favorite part of being on the team is meeting new players and building relationships. Her favorite part about practices is learning new skills while having fun. Michelle hopes to continue playing soccer with Chandler as she loves it. A fun fact about Michelle is that she loves sushi.


Player Highlights from JV A:

CHS JV A Soccer player Logan Chavez, photographed by Kiley Jacobson

Logan Chavez: Logan has been playing soccer for three years and is an astounding midfielder. Logan likes midfield the best because she is always moving and there is never a dull moment. Logan’s favorite part about playing soccer is making friends and getting the opportunity to meet new people. To prepare for the hard games all players have their own methods to get ready. For Logan, this means stretching and getting in a competitive mindset.

CHS JV A Soccer player Sarah Janbou, photographed by Kiley Jacobson

Sarah Janbou: Sarah has been playing soccer for five years and has loved it ever since. She plays winger and striker when on the field. Her favorite part about playing soccer is being with the team and enjoying the game. To prepare for games Sarah just gets mentally prepared to play the best of her abilities. Sarah’s favorite parts about practices are getting better and seeing improvement in herself and her teammates. A fun fact about Sarah is that her family owns a restaurant that she works at. 


Player Highlights from Varsity:

CHS Varsity Soccer player Noelle Czaplewski

Noelle Czaplewski: Noelle is a second-year varsity member and has been playing soccer since she was 5 years old. Noelle has a ton of experience playing soccer and her favorite part about playing is being around people who also play soccer and getting opportunities to score as she plays forward for Chandler. To prepare for her games, Noelle eats power foods to gain energy and listens to music to get hyped up. While Noelle loves playing soccer, she doesn’t plan on continuing playing after high school. She loves playing with Chandler and will continue playing with them so she’s just treasuring the time she has while playing now. A fun fact about Noelle is that she was named Noelle because she was born two days after Christmas. Noelle encourages everyone to try out any high school sport they are interested in because they might find out they enjoy it. She is so glad she decided to join the soccer team because of all the kind people she met.

CHS Varsity Soccer player Kyla Simon

Kyla Simon: Kyla has been playing soccer for nine years and has loved every second. This is her first year on varsity and she couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the team. Her favorite part about being on the team is the competitiveness and the team environment where everyone works together harmoniously. Kyla plays both center and outside defense. To prepare for her games, Kyla hydrates and reminds herself to stay confident in her abilities. After high school, Kyla is thinking about playing soccer in an adult league but she really wants to focus on college and all the work that comes with it. A fun fact about Kyla is that she has read over 80 books within 2023.

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