P.E. Dress Out Troubles Chandler High Students

Angela Carlton, Entertainment Editor

There is no denying that dressing out for P.E. is necessary. Without a mandatory dress-out for P.E., students would likely go to the gym wearing everyday clothes that may not be suitable for the exercises they do in class. However, several students agree that there are some issues regarding the P.E. dress-out requirements at Chandler High.

Anyone who has or is currently taking a physical education course at CHS is likely already aware of the requirements: a CHS P.E. shirt, basic athletic pants or shorts in CHS colors, and athletic shoes. P.E. teachers recommend that students have at least two shirts, two pairs of pants or shorts, and one pair of athletic shoes.

Generic athletic bottoms and shoes are easy to obtain. Various retail stores sell athletic bottoms and shoes for relatively low prices. However, getting the CHS P.E. shirt can be a struggle. The shirt is exclusively available at the campus Bookstore for $7.50. While students have a week to obtain the shirt, this can still be problematic. The shirt is less easily accessible for families struggling with finances, especially since the recent pandemic. Some students are also unable to buy the shirts for other reasons.

Samantha Bourland, a strong supporter of the use of dress-out, even agrees in saying, “I think that we should not have to wear specific shirts. We should be able to wear tank tops or other clothes that WE feel comfortable wearing.”

Another issue with the dress-out requirements is its conflict with cultural clothing, most notably for Muslim students. Islam has a code of modesty, with both boys and girls typically wearing clothes that cover large portions of their skin. To comply with both the dress-out requirements and their culture, many Muslim students layer on additional clothing, or walk around in the heat while their friends are swimming on block days.

Chandler High’s P.E dress-out requirements need some tweaks. When surveyed, one Chandler student suggested, “They should allow spaghetti straps, allow breathable clothing such as workout clothing, even permit wearing sports bras with no shirt.”

To fix the issue, instead of forcing students to wear such a specific set of clothes, we should require students to bring and change into their own workout outfits that make them feel comfortable.