Chandler’s Favorite Holiday Events 2022

Jocelyn Branca, Reporter

Christmas is coming right around the corner, and that means new and recurring events are coming to Arizona! 

One thing not to miss is the Polar Express train ride! This event is at the Grand Canyon Railway, and this train transforms into the loved classic Polar Express! There is even an ultimate express package for the best experience they offer! This package includes a private chef to bring you the Polar Express book and cookies with hot chocolate. Guests will receive a bell, a mug, and special gifts! This event is on the pricey side of things, however, it is a great family, or even friends event to experience! This starts from November throughout the end of December, and it is reservations only.

Christmas at the Princess is an event that occurs every year in Fairmount, Scottsdale. This event is 18$ per person for admission and has other family deals, hotel deals, and restaurant deals depending on if you’re staying just for the event or to stay at the beautiful hotel. The date for this event is from November 18- January 2 from 5 pm-10 pm daily. At Christmas at the Princess, they offer a wide variety of foods, entertainment, and activities. Some of the food they offer is classic Christmas cookies, churros, pasta, meatloaf, and loaded waffle fries! The activities are twinkle town, which has an ice slide, a carousel, and swings, and they even have a campfire to make smores at! They also offer ice skating for 40$ a person (including the ice skates) to skate around the 6,000 feet square area!

Scottsdazzle is another amazing event to not miss this year! Scottsdazzle happens from November 26-December 31st. They have magic shows (which are free of cost), festive food demonstrations for $12 per person, holiday lights from 6 pm-8 pm nightly for $15 per person, and so much more! They also offer classes such as candle-making classes, painting, floral workshops, etc.

The parade of lights is a Chandler event that has a huge parade with lights! People can apply for their floats to be in a contest, and the winner gets to be a part of the parade. This event is for everyone of all ages and is a Chandler classic. This event takes place December 3 from 6 pm-8 pm. The Tumbleweed Tree is another Chandler classic event. The lighting of this tree happens on December 3 from 4:30 pm-9:00 pm. This event became a tradition because in 1956 when a fire happened. It ruined all Christmas decorations, so the town replaced the tree with tumbleweeds instead! Since that day, the people of Chandler have come to celebrate and see the lighting of this tree.

Winter Waterland takes place at the Odysea Aquarium in Scottsdale. When you arrive, you walk through the aquarium like normal; however, it’s all themed to Christmas! There will be a swimming Santa, a penguin event, and fairy tale princesses! This event takes place throughout December. There are different events on different days. From December 7-23, children may take a picture with Santa, and from November 19-December 25 Santa will make an appearance in the water. From December 20-January 5, children can meet the naughty Christmas Greench and the fairy tale princess. And on December 31, the aquarium will hold a New Year’s Eve event, holding a countdown and a dance party!

These events are all family-friendly or a perfect hangout spot for your group of friends. Try not to miss these spectacular events!