Tardy Policies: An improvement or a hassle?

Paris Estrada, Reporter

A new year has begun at Chandler High, and with it is the renewed effort to enforce the current tardy problem that continuously plagues the school. According to the new policy if a student is late to their first period, they make their way to the cafeteria, where they have to wait in a line to be marked down and then receive their tardy pass. This process has caused some discourse among students as it is slightly different from the procedures of the following years. Some argue that the line makes it difficult to get to their first period, making them much later than usual to their classes. Some students just skip the line altogether.  A junior at Chandler High, Morgan Clarke, explained, “I know people that have been late and just came to class, so they miss less.” This arrival time has caused missed lessons and assignments, creating an overall negative effect on some student’s study habits. Others believe that this was an improvement. The more significant consequences—such as lunch detention— are being used to dissuade those who have made coming to school late a normal circumstance. As we continue into the year, we can observe how this tardy policy continues to develop and the lingering effect it takes on both staff members and students.  Only time will tell whether it will be a benefit to attendance or a detriment to learning.