From Couches to Classrooms: The Transition Back to In-Person School

Kate Rogers, Opinions Editor

With school being back in person, many students are struggling with the transition from being online. Students that spent last year doing all online or mixed online and on-campus learning have had to relearn what it is like being fully in-person once again.

One student, who wishes to stay anonymous, had a fully online schedule last year and says, “In-person is a whole lot more overwhelming than being online, I have way more work and the teachers aren’t as willing to make adjustments for everyone’s needs, but I really like being able to see my friends every day and being around people in general”.

Because of how strange the 2020-21 school year was, Chandler High has been trying to find ways to make the transition as fluid as possible. Navigating through the unpredictability of the current school statuses is not easy, and the learning curve tends to be a big issue. Some steps that can be taken to make the transition easier are:

  1. Keep Papers Organized: Because most things were online last year, It is important to keep papers organized with a binder, folders, or notebooks so that everything is easy to find and keep track of.
  2. Use Teachers’ Office Hours: When things in class are confusing and overwhelming, it is important to take advantage of the provided resources that teachers offer to help stay on top of work.
  3. Check Grades Regularly: Since less work is online this year, it is easy to miss an assignment without realizing so staying updated with grades can ensure that there’s no last-minute late work.
  4. Study With Classmates: Having other people around while studying can be very helpful and benefit multiple people with the subject.

Using all of these techniques in class and at home will help ease the shaky transition from the last school year and build quality study skills that will support future educational and professional pursuits.