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The Wolf Howl

Screenshot of Rain World

Rain World: Brilliant Yet Unnoticed

Angela Carlton, Entertainment Editor April 28, 2023

Originally released March 28, 2017, Rain World is a 2D-style, survival platform game. It is primarily a singleplayer game, though the base game features a PvP mode, while the recently released DLC, Rain...

Screenshot of some of Botanias features, taken by Angela Carlton

Minecraft Botania: Technology and Magic

Angela Carlton, Entertainment Editor December 13, 2022

As I have said in previous mod reviews, Minecraft has a massive modding community. Some of these mods will add small, but much appreciated details into the game. Others may add loads of content to the...

A screenshot of the Everdawn dimension

Blue Skies: A Minecraft Mod Review

Angela Carlton, Entertainment Editor August 28, 2022

Minecraft has a massive modding community, with mods for just about anything a player could want. Some mods can be simple and sweet, while some add insane amounts of new content to explore. One example...

Drawing made by Angela Carlton

Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: Too Close For Comfort?

Angela Carlton, Entertainment Editor May 5, 2022

For years upon years, many fans of the Pokémon franchise shouted for remakes of the beloved Diamond and Pearl games. After all, Ruby and Sapphire (originally released in 2002) had received remakes in...

Screenshot taken from Okami

Video Game Review: Ōkami: A Criminally Underplayed Masterpiece

Angela Carlton, Entertainment Editor September 23, 2021

Originally released on April 20, 2006, Ōkami is an action-adventure, Zelda-esque video game based on Japanese mythology. The player explores the land of Nippon as the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, who takes...

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