Why Ron DeSantis Threatens America’s Unity


Lexi Moreno, Reporter

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his campaign for President this Wednesday, challenging front-runner former President Trump for the Republican nomination. On the first day of his campaign, DeSantis is limping to the starting line, being mocked by both Trump and President Biden’s social media campaign, drawing national attention. Of course, there are many reasons that Americans think DeSantis should not run for President: It is the party of Trump, he’s unable to beat Biden, or his lack of experience. In my opinion, it is his divisiveness.

While he has served as the governor of Florida since 2019, DeSantis has adopted a divisive approach to governance, which will hinder his ability to unite the country as a president. Throughout his short tenure as governor, he has embraced deplorable policies and rhetoric, particularly regarding immigration, voting rights, education, and other social issues. A president should aim to bring people together, find common ground, and work towards solutions that benefit all Americans rather than perpetuating polarization with culture wars. Unfortunately, when I think of Florida today, I think of a place where American values go to die rather than flourish, as DeSantis has promoted. Instead of a haven for diversity, it is a sanctuary for hatred and sectionalism.

Effective leadership requires the ability to work across party lines and build consensus. Unfortunately, DeSantis has countlessly displayed a combative and confrontational approach toward political opponents yet refuses to acknowledge the wrongs of his own party. A president must bridge divides and be accountable to enact meaningful change and address the nation’s challenges. DeSantis has shown he’s not worthy of prioritizing country over party, the most straightforward step toward a successful presidency. Ultimately, to preserve the unity and strength of America, it is crucial to actively combat divisiveness and promote a culture of respect, empathy, and constructive dialogue, something DeSantis, and any current Republican candidate, is incapable of. If Ron DeSantis wants to become President, he should focus on a platform encouraging bipartisanship and diversity to avoid becoming the next Scott Walker, another Republican front-runner who dropped out within two months of his campaign announcement.