Rating Chandler Boba Tea Shops!


courtesy of Sophia Medal

Sophia Medal, Reporter

Everyone knows that across the street from our campus in Downtown Chandler, there is a boba shop known as ShareTea, and this shop is well loved by our Chandler High School student body. It’s local, it’s delicious, and it’s a popular spot in Downtown Chandler. However, while that shop may be fun to visit now and then, doesn’t drinking from the same place over and over again get old, especially when there are more local boba shops? The Chandler area is home to many boba shops that will be love at first sip that all boba tea lovers should try out.

One that may be familiar to many students on this campus is Rapha Tea. The Asian Student Union has brought them to our campus many times, but they have a broad and savory menu beyond the items brought to our campus. This shop takes classic drinks and uses interesting flavors to make drinks unique to their location, such as their rose-lychee butterfly tea. In addition, they also have quite the reputation in the Chandler area for providing refreshing drinks to local residents. Freshman student Lillyanna Salinas claims that their passion fruit tea is “heaven sent”. You can find this shop on 5025 S Gilbert Road.

Another lesser known Chandler gem is Hi-5-Tea, located on 225 W Warner Road. With a fruity addition to traditional milk and fruit teas, Hi-5-Tea is an innovative tea house that provides delicious drinks for anyone’s palate. Furthermore, if you come to this sweet sweet cafe with an appetite, then you can head right next door to their secondary shop, Hi-5-Sushi, which provides a classic and delectable array of sushi to pair with your boba as well. Junior student Isabelle Medal frequents this area and guarantees that it’ll become a new favorite for anyone willing to try it. This hidden treasure in Chandler is worth a try from any lover of sweet boba tea and delicious sushi.

Lastly, on your next shopping spree, you can stop by Boba Tea Company, which is located inside the Chandler Fashion Center. With romantically named drinks, it’s impossible to avoid falling in love with their broad menu. Their menu is portioned into six different sections, each section offering a new variety of teas, ranging from milk to fruit. It’s the perfect pick-me-up when you’re out shopping at the Chandler Fashion Center. Whether you find your new favorite on the Naughtea menu or the Flirtea menu, this place is a must for people wanting to branch out to new drinks.
To conclude, our very own city of Chandler is home to many boba shops that are definitely worth a try. Whether it’s your first time trying this delectable drink, or whether you enjoy it frequently, these three shops should be on your list of places to visit sometime in the near future.