The Best Movies of 2022

Makena Colihan, Social Media & Public Relations Manager

As this year is coming to a close, I believe it’s time we reflect on all the amazing movies that have come out this year. 2022 was full of well-anticipated movies, such as Top Gun:Maverick, Elvis and more. This year was a huge year for all Marvel fans, with a sequel to both Black Panther and Doctor Strange, which brings us to our first movie review: Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. 

I’m going to be completely honest, I thought Multiverse of Magic was very disappointing. I’ve been a marvel fan my whole life, and I was so excited for this movie! This was the first major film in Marvel’s brand new phase, and many fans were excited for their questions to finally be answered. That being said, this movie left more questions than answers. The pacing of this movie made no sense and it was as if the characters were just jumping from set to set with no transition. Now don’t get me wrong, certain parts of the movie are very entertaining. Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabth Olsen had amazing performances, and Elizabeth’s character took a turn that fans didn’t expect. However, it’s not enough to cover the obvious flaws and I was expecting a lot better. 

One of the most discussed thriller-horror movies of the year, “Don’t Worry Darling” has caught the attention of millions- granted most of this attention was poor. This movie had high expectations, with the cast starring numerous well-known actors and actresses such as Harry Styles and Florence Pugh. And maybe it’s because I love supporting actors Nick Kroll and Gemma Chan, but I loved this movie. The mix of present and 1950’s setting was refreshing and different from most movies that are currently out. We get to see Florence Pugh thrive in the psychological thriller genre, just like her role in the hit “Midsommar.” It was weird seeing Harry Styles acting in this movie, but once you get past it, he does a pretty good job. It may be unpopular considering the movie barely got a 3 star rating, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and will watch it again. 

If any movie deserves to win an award, it would definitely be Everything Everywhere All at Once. This movie left me speechless after watching it. This movie was messy, and confusing and I had to rewatch parts of it multiple times just to understand. But somehow, it works perfectly. This movie doesn’t follow just one genre- it has some science fiction, fantasy, comedy, and more. This movie was directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert who are more than happy to defy the laws of probability and coherence. Honestly, summarizing this movie would be impossible and take forever. Despite the action scenes, the multiverse, and talking rock, this movie really is a bitter sweet drama about an immigrant striving and mother-daughter dynamics. Is this movie perfect? No movie with this kind of premise, or title, will ever be a neat, no questions type of deal. But I like my multiverses messy and “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is too much and is just the type of movie the world needs. 

There are hundreds of other movies that came out this year that deserve a watch, but here’s a little review on a few. We didn’t even scratch the surface of new Marvel movies, or current Golden Globe nominations. Overall, this year was a great year for movies and I’m looking forward to next year!