A preview of Chandler High’s Fall Play


Photo by Kate Rogers

Kate Rogers, Opinions Editor

Chandler High School’s Theater Program is preparing to present this year’s fall play, “Trap” by Stephen Gregg. “Trap” is a play about an unimaginable event: every person in the audience of a high school play falls unconscious but one. Using interviews with witnesses, loved ones, first responders, and the investigators pursuing the case, a theater ensemble brings the story to life. As the strands weave together into an increasingly dangerous web, it becomes clear that this phenomenon might not be entirely in the past.

“Trap” will undoubtedly be a show to remember. I was able to sit in on a few rehearsals, and I cannot describe how excited I am for this show. It’s filled with thrilling plot twists and rich storylines. With an incredible cast full of both veterans of the theater program and talented new faces, the production can be nothing but amazing. It’s nothing like anything Chandler High has done before, and I cannot wait to see it in full. Fair warning, though, “Trap” mentions suicide, murder, drowning, and general horror, so viewer discretion is advised. The show will run from Wednesday, September 14, to Friday, September 16 in the Chandler Center for the Arts. Tickets can be purchased in the book store. The cast, set, story, and directing are amazing, and I’m excited for the theater program to share it with everyone.