The 2022 Arizona Gubernatorial Candidates

Lexi Moreno, Reporter

The 2022 Arizona Gubernatorial election between Republican Kari Lake and Democrat Katie Hobbs is one being watched nationwide. The two candidates are as contrasting as possible, modern far-right populism from Lake versus Hobbs’ classic liberalism. 

Republican nominee Kari Lake is a former local news anchor for Fox 10 for 22 years, with a newfound eagerness for office. Lake takes on a Reagan approach to voters and the media, showcasing her strong enthusiasm and affection for supporters, but not afraid to advocate for her ideas. The Trump-endorsed Republican often attacks the group she previously worked with, calling journalists enemy of the people. 

Democratic nominee Katie Hobbs has experience in office as Arizona’s Secretary of State and serving in the state legislature since 2010. Hobbs announced her run after being thrown into the national spotlight for helping certify the 2020 election results when former President Trump claimed election fraud. Hobbs has been endorsed by President Biden, a direct response to Lake being endorsed by Trump.