Chandler High Students’ Favorite Holiday Movies

Makena Colihan, Social Media & Public Relations Manager

One of the best things about the holiday season is being surrounded by your family while watching a Christmas movie. Christmas represents different things to different people, but everyone agrees that you can’t beat a classic Christmas movie. Whether it’s Home Alone or Krampus, Christmas movies come in a wide array of genres. We asked some students at Chandler High their favorite holiday films, and we’re here to give our opinions on them.

Claire Jones, a sophomore at Chandler High, says that Rise of The Guardians is her favorite holiday movie because of many reasons. She explains, “It’s my favorite because it has so many different holidays. There are so many different storylines and it’s captivating!” Common Sense Media compares the film to The Avengers because it features every childhood icon: the Easter bunny, Jack Frost, the tooth fairy, and of course, Santa Claus. In my opinion, Rise of the Guardians has a captivating storyline and plot and is surprisingly mature for an animation. However, I wouldn’t label it as a holiday movie because it only follows Jack Frost and his struggles to control his newfound powers. Overall, it’s a great movie in general, just not a great holiday movie.

Elf is one of the most well-known Christmas movies and, some could argue, the most iconic. Elf is about a human named Buddy, who thinks he’s an elf and tries to navigate the struggles of New York and fight for his father’s approval. By the end, he saves Christmas, finds a family, a girlfriend, and a purpose. Andrew Phillips explains that Elf is his favorite Christmas movie because “It reminds me of my family and I watch it with them every year. It brings back memories and times of joy.” Personally, I love this movie. I feel like this is one of those rare Christmas movies that not only have humor, but a heart and is genuinely entertaining. Not to mention, the casting was perfect for this movie and will remain in the top 10 best Christmas movies.

Last but not least, Kate Rogers gives her opinion on Rudolph. She says, “It’s nostalgic, classy, and I love watching it with my family.” Rudolph is a classic, beloved holiday movie. It’s one of the highest-rated, longest-running in TV history, according to Common Sense Media. Rudolph is especially important to me and goes back to some of my oldest memories. Many can relate to the message and trials Rudolph and Heremy face. Overall, this movie is wonderful for all ages and families.