Winter Fashion at its Finest

Annie Payne and Hossana Mubarikiwa

Fashion has always been and will continue to be an iconic representation of a certain time in generations. Every decade has always brought something new for the books. From the evolution of spandex, lacy shirts, leg warmers, and neon colors from the 1980s, to oversized fur coats, puff sleeves, polka dot dresses, and leather jackets in the 1990s, and now we have seen VSCO girls, casualwear, and UGG boots with a lot of outfits looking like the “olden days”. As every year approaches winter, new trends pop up on how to style and what to wear for this chilly season.

As the days continue to years, we see the iconic comebacks or new clothing show up on the internet as the trendiest pieces and can make their way either in celebrity closets. We wear these clothes according to the seasons they match up with. Since sweater weather has started, we have moved on from shorts, and now we are into fuzzy pants. Lately, puffer jackets and scarves have been trending on the high-top fashion brand magazines. Fashion writer Rachel Besser reports in Vogue that “Getting outdoors also calls for a heavy-duty scarf, so a puffed style is the next logical step in our fashion evolution toward dressing for warmth.” Scarves and jackets aren’t just for fashion and making outfits; they provide the necessary need for warmth in a cold winter season. Besser also states that puffer jackets are a ‘must-have’ and are essential for chilly walks to achieve some small sense of normalcy.

To get some input on what the students here at Chandler High think of Winter Fashion, we interviewed the FIDM club and its members. FIDM club president, Kyndahl Williams, has a lot of thoughts on what fashion means to her and what she does for the winter. Williams stated, “I feel like I’ve always been drawn toward fashion…since I’ve moved a lot I’ve had to experiment with a lot of different styles and fit whatever is trending.” A lot of contributions in fashion, show how people’s style is different and where they get their inspiration from. The biggest is whatever is trending either on social media, in school, and even for high-top brands. She also said, “I also love boots, and I even just got some new ones. I just love winter because of the layering and there are many opportunities for the outfits.” Many people debate over winter or summer clothes but they both have their ups and downs as it depends on the person. Both Kyndahl and another FIDM member, Jaelle Valentine, said they love to thrift. This trend has become very popular in the past year with many people looking for cheap but stylish clothes to serve looks.

With many different trends and styles going in and out of the years to come, we might get a new hit that would change the way we dress today. Although fashion has never made claims for itself, it still has become an important part of us and also has impacted the way we think and dress. We believe fashion will continue to carry its legacy of helping everyone dress in their own unique way.