‘One-to-One Initiative’ to bring computers to all Chandler High students

Kate Rogers, Opinions Editor

Chandler High is getting some new tech- a lot of new tech. Our school is partnering with Intel and Dell to create the “One-to-One Initiative,” one computer for every student. And these computers won’t be the same old chrome books that students hate, they’ll be good computers; meant to seamlessly transition from school to home. Each student will be given a laptop to use and bring with them everywhere. Students will be able to use the same laptop for home and school work without having to switch accounts or devices.

Chandler High School Principal Franklin stated that “This device is a high power device, that you’re going to be able to go from school to work on it.” He, and the other people on the committee for this initiative, want to create equal opportunity for all students to access the same programs at home that they do at school. Besides being a laptop, some of the devices will have built-in WFI, so that students without reliable internet can have the same chances as those who do. Having access to technology is known to show improvements in grades, attendance, information retention, and classroom behavior.

With the rise of the internet, more and more curriculum is online. When every student is able to have their own device, it allows for learning to take place at their own speed and for students to adapt the information into their own learning style so they perform better. Computers allow for students to take learning beyond the classroom and apply the information in a different setting.

Although it’s exciting to think about getting your own laptop, it’s important to remember that these devices will be tools, akin to a textbook. Students won’t be in front of the screens every class every day. Every student will be trusted to be responsible and take care of a laptop. The date for distribution of these laptops is set for January 26 and 27. If all goes well, every Chandler student will have a school-issued laptop by the beginning of February. Remember that these computers are a privilege and something that will benefit many years of students to come. Be respectful, responsible, and kind to these devices when we get them, they are school computers after all.