Wolves Attend FFA Nationals


Courtesy of Kari Williams

The Bronze Winning Farm Business Management team presents their award.

Claire Jones and Andrew Phillips

Chandler High School attended the Future Farmers of America (FFA) Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana from October 27th through the 30th, participating in the Agricultural Business, Conduct of Meetings, and Creed Speaking categories.

The convention was the 94th, representing the hopes and ambitions of over 500,000 young agriculture students from all over America.  The best of the best compete to win national recognition in categories ranging from physical activities to speaking ones.  In Chandler High FFA’s case, the categories that they went to nationals for are the ones in which they excelled previously. These opportunities allowed passionate students to learn and grow. Today’s attendees are tomorrow’s innovators and creators, stopping at nothing to achieve their ambitious goals and be the best they can be. 

Nationals was also a great chance for Chandler students to learn what FFA is all about. According to CHS junior Natalie Valliere, a student who competes in agricultural business and farm management, “FFA is being involved in something bigger than yourself and being involved in something that represents the good of our nation. Improving in areas that need it, along with helping others while presenting ourselves in the best manner we can.” Attending Nationals provides students with learning experiences and chances to discover the true purpose of FFA.  CHS junior Abby Dominguez says FFA is all about “helping others feel welcome and helping people come out of their shells.” FFA is meant to create a sense of inclusion among its members, and it accomplishes this magnificently.